Updates 2009-2018

Medical spanking, the galley

Medical Spanking III, video 10 min

Medical spanking II, video 8 min

Medical spanking I, video 8 min

Rubbertherapy part 2, video 10 min

Rubbertherapy part 1, video 11 min

Hospital of lust part 3, video 11 min

Hospital of lust part 2, video 14 min

Hospital of lust part 1, video 10 min


Chrissie gets diapered, gallery II

Chrissie gets diapered , gallery I

Chrissie gets diapered 3,

Chrissie gets diapered 2

Chrissie gets diapered 1

Horny in rubber 2

Horny in rubber 1

Plaster cast, the gallery

Plaster cast part 2

Plaster cast part 1

Children's nursery, the gallery

Children's nursery Part III

Children's nursery Part II

Children's nursery Part I

Nurse Ornella Gallery II

Nurse Ornella Gallery I


Nurse Ornella Clinic Part III, the video

Nurse Ornella Clinic Part II, the video

Nurse Ornella Clinic Part I, the video

Diaper Hospital, the gallery

Doctress MacLaine, the gallery

Doctress MacLaine 3, the video

Doctress MacLaine 2, the video

Doctress MacLaine 1, the video

Diaper Hospital 2, the video

Diaper-Hospital 1, the video

Dick Treatment, the gallery

Dick Treatment 3, the video

Dick Treatment 2, the video

Dick Treatment 1, the video

Control-Treatment, the gallery

Control-Treatment 3, the video

Control-Treatment 2, the video

Control-Treatment 1, the video

My Baby Chris, the gallery

My Baby Chris 2, the video

My Baby Chris 1, the video

Dick Check Gallery II

Dick Check Gallery 1

Dick Check 3, the video

Dick Check 2, the video

Dick Check 1, the video

Electro Tortures -The Gallery

Electro Tortures 3, the video

Electro Tortures 2, the video

Electro Tortures 1, the video

At the Gynaecologist - the Gallery

At the Gynaecologist 3, the video

At the Gynaecologist 2, the video

At the Gynaecologist 1, the video

Diapers 3, the video

Diapers 2, the video

Diapers 1, the video

Lady Barbara, Gallery 5

: Lady Barbara, Video 10

Lady Barbara, Video 9

Lady Barbara, Gallery 4

Lady Barabara, Video 8

Lady Barbara, Video 7

Lady Barabara, Gallery 3

Lady Barbara, Gallery 2

Lady Barbara, Video 6

Lady Barbara, Video 5

Lady Barbara, Video 4

Lady Barbara, Gallery 1

Lady Barbara, Video 3

Lady Barbara, Video 2

Lady Barbara, Video 1

Chilrdren's Nurse, the allery

Clinical Committal, Gallery 7

Clinical Committal, Video 13

Clinical Committal Gallery 6

Clinical Committal, Video 12

Clinical Committal, Video 11

Childrens Nurse, Video 2

Childrens Nurse, Video 1

Clinical Committal, Gallery 5

Clinical Committal, Video 10

Clinical Committal, Video 9

Clinical Committal, Gallery4

Clinical Committal, Video 8

Clinical Committal, Video 7

Clinical Committal, Gallery 3

Clinical Committal, Video 6

Clinical Committal, Video 5

Clinical Committal, Gallery 2

Clinical Committal, Video 4

Clinical Committal, Video 3

Clinical Committal, Gallery 1

Clinical Committal, Video 2

Clinical Committal, Video 1

Piercing - the Gallery

Piercing, Video 2

Pircing, Video 1




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